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Why Join Our Team?

Here Are Three Reasons to Consider

Personal and Professional Growth

By working with us, you can learn skills in the booming telecommunications industry and grow personally and professionally.

You'll be joining a team of hardworking, ambitious people who love to compete, yet also celebrate the wins of others. You'll be inspired to grow through constructive feedback and be a part of family owned company that sees the person, not just the employee.


Benefits are important, and we're committed to making them the best we can.

We offer a 401k with a company match. Investing for the future is a big deal and we get excited to know our employees are building wealth for themselves and their families. We now also offer health insurance (the company pays 50%) and optional vision and dental. We're excited to add insurance to our benefits package!

Looking Ahead

We have big plans for the future. 

We've been in business for 17 years because we insist on a quality product in every facet of our company. We have major plans to grow. We will build on the experience we have in the industry and would love for you to join us on the journey!

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